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Ageing in Place

Can Ageing in Place in and through data become a process of personal and social enrichment?

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This exploratory PhD research project seeks to make a case for the transformation of the once ‘deficit’ lens of ageing towards locating ageing in a digitally-rich environment as a personal and social asset.

Research Aim:

The project aims to use online artificial intelligence to reframe and make visible the lifespace learning related to elderhood and wisdom.


To achieve this, the project group translates the task of mentorship capacity building in their organisation from ‘andragogy’ (adult education) to an ‘eldragogy’ - a learning and leaning into elderhood. 


The project is co-created and co-designed with the U3A’s (University of Third Age) Victoria Digital Mentors Group who will draw on the research as well as contribute to the research through their ‘next stage’ development of mentoring, tutoring and coaching capacities among their cohort.

PhD Candidate Michael Doneman provides insights into this research in a four part series:


  1. Ageing in Place - The Getting of Wisdom

  2. Ageing in Place - Eldragogy

  3. Love Me Love my Avatar - COMING SOON

  4. Superpowers - COMING SOON

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Research Outputs:


Utilise Participatory Action Research (PAR) to explore AI practices and imaginaries, especially in terms of learning/companion avatars articulated with Large Language Models (LLM) such as Chat GPT.


Engage with different attunements and affordances (ie environment and context of use) of AI over three years.


Explore AI as a platform, before collaboration with participants, and finally use AI in roles such as ‘concierge’, curator and guide in a dynamic online repository.


Develop an online repository using the eldragogy framework.


Manifest in diverse traditional and non-traditional research outputs—including powerful counter-ageism artefacts and activities contributing to a strong organisational position on ageism.

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This Research Project is aligned with the Australian Research Council (ARC) Discovery Grant  'Ageing in and through data: What data can tell us about ageing' and an international consortium convened through the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) 
'Ageing in Data' project, and is supported by:

City of Whittlesea
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