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Industry Engagement

We provide a range of unique engagement services to industry and organisations to assist with understanding the technological barriers in older Australians.

Benefits for industry include:

  • An increased understanding of the technological constraints within the senior demographic and its flow on affects

  • Strategies to improve engagement and connections with seniors

  • Specific training from experts in the field

  • Research analysis of your own data to tailor strategies for audience segments

  • Attracting and retaining the older adult segment through improved communication channels

  • Further research and project collaboration with us

“Older people are keen to learn technology.  They are very diverse in the way they deal with technology, and we need to understand the complexity of their situation and the various ways they engage with technology.” 

Engagement Services

Contact us to discuss our hybrid services and how they can assist your organisation better connect with older adults.   Types of activities our expert team provide to industry include:

Older adults using digital technology

Dissemination Workshops

Presentation of research outcomes followed by a demonstration of suggested tools and Q&A. 
Duration 50 minutes. 

Implementation Workshops

A Dissemination workshop plus a Co-design session where participants workshop research outcomes into their own work contexts (such as constructing a campaign and changing ideas based on research). Duration 90-100 minutes.    


Watch a Co-design workshop in action.

Co-creation workshop with Shaping Connections
Women in Jewelry Workshop

Train-the-Trainer Workshops

Similar to a Dissemination workshop but designed to help train people who will train others. This workshop involves specific exercises to ensure information is retained and includes supporting materials.

Webinar and Speaking Engagements

Designed to engage multiple organisations at the one time on a specific topic.  

Doctor Teaching on Seminar


Literature Reviews
Product and/or service reviews

Contact us to discuss a tailored approach for your organisation.
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