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How retail left the Baby Boomer generation and its “silver economy” on the table
Stephanie Caite Chadwick, Inside Retail, 2024 
More disposable income and brand loyalty – Australian brands must overcome ageism and tap into the “silver economy”

RMIT Media Release, 2023

Expert Comments from Assoc Prof Foula Kopanidis and Assoc Prof Bernardo Figueiredo

Bridging the generational digital divide
Institute of Community Directors Australia, September 2023
Webinar Session 1 and Session 2 for CHSP providers 
Council on the Ageing (COTA) Victoria, June 2023
Improving digital inclusion for seniors

ECCV Golden Years, June 2023

Support clients to engage with technology 

Australian Ageing Agenda March-April 2023

Strengthening digital social inclusion

Australian Ageing Agenda, August 2022

Senior Advantage misleads members on dud discounts
CHOICE investigation reveals 

CHOICE December 2020

Why do older Australians struggle with technology? 

ABC Radio Statewide Drive with Ewan Gilbert

with Dr Bernardo Figueiredo 

Older Australians most isolated during COVID-19 but 'YouTube Nanna' offers hope

The Age July 2020

Intergenerational tech friction

ABC Central Victoria, May 2020

with Dr Torgeir Aleti 

Are we headed for a cashless economy post-coronavirus? 

ABC Central Victoria, May 2020

Cashless in COVID

ABC Radio, May 2020

with Dr Torgeir Aleti

Seniors overcoming online barriers during COVID

ABC Radio interview with Virginia Trioli

with Dr Torgeir Aleti

Ok Zoomer: how seniors are learning to lead more digital lives

The Guardian, May 2020

Seniors, technology and the help they receive from family members

ABC Radio

with Dr Torgeir Aleti 

Seniors struggle with technology, and often their kids won’t help

The Conversation, January 2020

Give the gift of tech support this Christmas
when buying devices for
older people

RMIT, December 2019

What younger people can learn from older people about using technology

The Conversation, December 2018 

Shaping Connections Project 'Insights on connectedness and technology use among older Australians'

RMIT Enabling Impact Platforms, October 2018


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