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Strong partnerships and collaboration are key to the success of the Shaping Connections program which attracts industry and organisations that want to understand more about their audiences and how they navigate technology.

Shaping Connections was co-created by RMIT University’s School of Economics, Finance and Marketing, and the University of Third Age (U3A) Network Victoria.

U3A Network Victoria

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RMIT University’s School of Economics, Finance and Marketing is proud to employ top researchers and specialist research groups such as the Consumer Culture Insights Group.  The Consumer Culture Insights Group is a group of marketing academics who study consumer behaviour and emerging markets using research methods with data based on interviews, observations and focus groups. The Shaping Connections program is a Consumer Culture Insights Group project.

U3A Network Victoria is the peak body representing the interests of 104 U3As and 34,000 senior Victorian’s and is where retired and semi-retired people come together in a social learning environment.

“Shaping connections has been important to U3A as it has given us the opportunity to engage with our members to identify what their needs are and the barriers that they are encountering in using technology to be better connected into their communities of interest and the broader community.” 

 Glenn Wall
Vice President USA Network Victoria

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