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Empathy in Action: Sharing Our Findings with the Heroes of Aged Care

Shaping Connections Founder and Director, Associate Professor Dr Bernardo Figueiredo visits stakeholders related to his research and shares his insights...

One of the primary reasons I pursued academia was the unparalleled opportunity to learn from and grow alongside many outstanding individuals 📚.

Admittedly, there are moments when this purpose seems to fade into the background, overshadowed by the daily grind and bureaucratic entanglements that come with any profession. Yet, now and then, I am vividly reminded of the passion that fuels my journey ❤️.

In mid April 2024, Dein Vindigni, Prasad, and I visited San Carlo Aged Care in South Morang, Victoria, Australia, to present the findings from our research on 'The Challenges and Strengths of Aged-Care Workers During the COVID-19 Pandemic,' a comprehensive study undertaken by a vast interdisciplinary team affiliated with Pathways for Healthy Ageing.

The meeting was insightful and emotional, bridging academia and real-world experiences through the heartfelt stories of aged care workers. Witnessing the validation of our work and engaging in meaningful discussions about future directions and support mechanisms was truly inspiring 🌈.

Bernardo with the team at San Carlo Aged Care

I am immensely thankful for the care workers that participated in the research including San Carlo Aged Care management (Agnes, Dr. Claudio, Rhonda, and others), and my wonderful colleagues Dein Vindigni, Peta Murray, Jenny RobinsonRuth De Souza, Dawn Wong, Christina David, Dawn, Prasad, Mark Buschgens, PhD and Nguyen Luu, and the lessons they impart on how to better serve our community 🙏. Their dedication reminds me of the core reasons I cherish academia. Thank you!

I also thank Magdalena PlebanskiAnne-Laure Mention, the RMIT Centre for Organisations and Social Change (COSC), and John Bonacci for the continuous support with funding, resources, or helping with dissemination of the work. 


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