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Collaborating on digital inclusion

Updated: Jan 21

Shaping Connections Founder and Director, Associate Professor Bernardo Figueiredo explores how older adults are using technology on his recent study tour to Europe.

This week, I was invited to give a talk to a very attentive group of scholars from Prague University of Economics and Business in the Czech Republic.

We talked about the digital inclusion of older adults and the Shaping Connections Projects. I was impressed with the faculty’s level of engagement and questions. Thank you Zuzana C. for the invitation.

I was also very fortunate to participate in a very rich and useful seminar on the use of Historical Methods in Marketing Research presented by Eminegul Karababa. Professor Karababa is an expert on the subject and she has served as the Editor-in-Chief for the Journal of Historical Research in Marketing between 2018 and 2022, So I did take a lot from it! More importantly, it was a chance to reconnect with Zuzana and Emi and progress academic (and non-academic) conversations at dinner.

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