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Innovative Aged Care Research

Updated: Jan 21

Shaping Connections Founder and Director, Associate Professor Bernardo Figueiredo explores how older adults are using technology on his recent study tour to Europe.

As part of the OpenInnoTrain Project, I went to Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya’s campus in Vilanova i la Geltrú.

It was great to visit Professor andreu catala mallofre, and learn more about what he and his team are doing in the ageing and technology space.

Andreu directs the Technical Research Centre for Dependency Care and Autonomous Living, in the Escola Politècnica Superior d'Enginyeria, and he explained how he and his team developed innovative research in human movement monitorisation with the support of national and European projects, and how he developed products from two programs, FATE and REMPARK.

These projects resulted in two marketable products one for falls and another one to monitor motor symptoms of Parkinson's patients, resulting in the production, commercialisation, and validation of a product called STAT-ON, sold through a spin-off. These are great examples of knowledge transfer orientation from the university (UPC) to society. In my visit, I also got to meet visiting professor John Nelson from the University of Limerick, Ireland, and Professor Xavier Parra from UPC.

Xavier was keen to show me a prototype of an Aeroponic system, used to nourish plants with nothing more than nutrient-laden mist. I was pleased to hear they are also using these products to go to schools and promote interest in key science concepts. This is true engagement with society.

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