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Victorian Seniors Festival provides opportunity for digital experiences

Updated: Jan 21

October means that the annual Victorian Seniors Festival has kicked off with a host of activities and events across the State.
Older adults learning digital skills together

October has become a month to raise awareness and promote connectedness of older adults in our community which is led globally by the United Nations International Day of Older Persons on the 1 October every year.

In Australia, Queensland celebrates its third annual Queensland Seniors Month this October, while South Australia is hosting its Week of Ageing Well from 1 to 7 October and Tasmanian Seniors Week celebrates its 25th anniversary from 16 to 22 October.

The Victorian Seniors Festival also runs for the month of October with a jam packed schedule for older adults over 60 years of age, to engage in free and low costs events including digital literacy and lived experience activities

With so much happening it could be a good excuse for older adults to jump on a plane, train or automobile and experience new places throughout Victoria, South Australia, Queensland and/or Tasmania!

Lived Digital Experiences for Older Adults

Victorian Seniors Festival activities include a range of digital skills that older adults can tap into to learn more about digital technology using traditional skills-based learning as well as lived experience based learning.

Lived experiences are where we learn through trends, influences and interests and is becoming a popular and social way for older adults to embrace digital skills. This is a great insight for educators, service providers and community groups when creating educational digital programs for this cohort.

Victoria Seniors Festival Lived Experience Examples

The list below showcases some examples of digital learning through lived experiences which are available during the Victorian Seniors Festival. For a comprehensive list please visit the festival calendar.

This list is just a taste of the activities available during the month of October for older adults. We encourage you and your network to jump online or contact your local council or U3A to find out more and explore digital technology through lived experiences.

We hope you found this blog valuable. Please scroll down to leave a comment, share through your network and find other resources on our page.


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