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Our research indicates that:

Many Australian seniors are sophisticated digital technology users.



Some are active social connectors, assisting those who wish to bridge the digital divide.


There is scepticism towards new technology amongst seniors and younger family members are often involved in assisting seniors with digital technology.  

Our approach to research is community based participatory approach which means that we focus on the problems and experiences of community members so we try to put ourselves in their shoes.” 

 Assoc Prof Bernardo Figueiredo Shaping Connections Co-founder & Deputy Director.

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Senior Connectedness

Perceived digital technology risks

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Assoc Prof Bernardo Figueiredo

“Seniors are using different devices for different purposes and knowing when, what and where can help us connect them better” Assoc Prof Bernardo Figueiredo Shaping Connections Co-founder & Deputy Director.


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Tech Corner


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