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Digital tech diversity in the workplace

Updated: Jan 21

By acknowledging the importance of digital literacy and staying up-to-date with emerging technologies, we can all play a part to help bridge the digital divide regardless of our age. In doing so we can ensure that people of all ages have the necessary skills and knowledge to navigate our increasingly digital world.
Man working using digital tech

Understanding how people learn and feel about digital technology is important not only in our personal lives as we interact with family and the community, but also in the workplace.

With the age of retirement increasing, it's becoming increasingly important for older people to be able to adapt to the rapidly changing technology landscape in the workplace and for colleagues to be supportive and inclusive in this space.

In many ways, there is no escaping the technology train as it continues to advance and become integrated into various sectors, including healthcare, utilities, media services, retail and logistics. Understanding how to effectively utilise and leverage digital tools and platforms will assist employees and business owners remain competitive and relevant in their respective fields.

How can workplaces help bridge the digital divide?

Acknowledge and understand that people can have difficulty with new processes especially when it comes to digital technology.

Once this is understood in the workplace, practical steps can be undertaken to help close the gap and provide options for upskilling such as:

  • Providing accessible and inclusive training programs

  • Ensuring employees have access to resources and support

  • Implementing a mentor system to buddy up with those experiencing difficulty

  • Calling in the experts like the team at Shaping Connections to co-design workshops to better understand the challenges with digital technology and implement tailored strategies

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