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Perceived Privacy Risk

Privacy risks encompass fears around perceptions of privacy, security, and identity-theft. It is exhibited through a lack of confidence in the online environment and a reluctance to share anything private through digital means. This risk includes concerns about data security, scams and the fear of being tracked online as well as accidently signing up to subscriptions and automatic monthly payments that can be confusing.

For Rosa these perceptions of risk manifest in the following ways:

Example 1
“I worry that people can see my personal details when I go online to transact.”

Example 1

Privacy risks include the fears about personal details being entered online. For example, Rosa recently purchased a pair of shoes for her grandson online. She is concerned that her privacy has been invaded as she is seeing lots of children’s shoe adverts popping up on her screen.

Example 2
“I’m worried that people might be able to access my account or credit card information if I were to shop online.”
Rosa 1.png

Example 2

Privacy risks also include fear of unknown third parties hacking into accounts or credit card information while online. For example, Rosa likes to shop online, but she never lets any of the apps or stores she visits remember her credit card details. She can see the convenience benefit, but she does not know how her information is stored, used, and protected.

“I fear buying ICT related products online without really understanding what I paid for, and I won’t be able to cancel my online subscriptions (e.g., magazine, antivirus service) if I need to.”

Example 3

This risk is where the person fears buying ICT related products, and then if they want to cancel, they are afraid they will be unable to. For instance, Rosa keeps getting emails from Amazon thanking her for signing up for ‘Amazon Prime’. However, she cannot recall subscribing to the service and can’t figure out the benefits, how much it costs, when she will be charged, and how to cancel the service.

Example 3

Can you relate to those example above?  Go to strategies to learn about how Rosa can address these issues.

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