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Partnerships key for educational outcomes

Updated: Jan 21

Partnerships with service and community organisations assist with co-designing strategies and developing educational programs so that older adults develop strong digital skills for improved health and wellbeing.

Associate Professor Bernardo Figueiredo spoke to journalist Mitch Ziems in an article published in the Institute of Community Directors Australia, about the importance of partnerships in delivering digital competency outcomes for older adults and how Shaping Connections are providing resources and research to assist in bridging the digital divide.

Older adult being shown digital technology

Bernardo says partnerships with experts from universities like RMIT as well as social organisations like computer clubs and the University of the Third Age, are crucial to the provision of accessible, judgement-free environments where seniors can develop required technical skills.

Shaping Connections provide a range of unique engagement services to industry and organisations to assist with understanding the technological barriers in older Australians such as:

  • Dissemination Workshops

  • Implementation Workshops

  • Train the Trainer Workshops

  • Webinar and Speaking Engagements

  • Literature Reviews

  • Product and/or service reviews

Contact us if you would like to explore engagement opportunities to assist your organisation with the development of educational or digital communication strategies for older adults.

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