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How to use Shaping Connections interactive tools

Updated: Jan 21

Designed to be accessible to all users, interactive and educational!

Shaping Connections has developed three interactive tools to help older adults begin the journey of understanding and connecting with technology in ways that suit their needs.

The tools are designed to be accessible to all users, and we encourage everyone to check them out ;)

  1. When starting the self assessment tool, users can select between the interactive assessment option or download a PDF that can be printed and completed offline.

  2. The second tool encourages you to consider the pro's and con's of getting help from people in your support network. This could include family, friends or even service providers.

  3. The third tool contains strategies created by older adults to help overcome perceived risks about their use of technology.

These tools are popular not only with older adults, but also with industry such as service providers and organisations that interactive with the ageing community.

We have found that industry gain a greater understanding of the technological barriers with older age groups when they use the tools themselves and/or have specialised workshops with us.

So not matter how old you are, jump into the world of an older adult through our interactive tools and please reach out to us with feedback or any comments.

We hope you found this blog valuable. Please scroll down to leave a comment, share through your network and find other resources on our page.


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