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Perceived Operational Risk

Perceived Operational risks are the most common type of risks and relate to the fear of failing to use technology. The senior population is growing, and lack of engagement with new technology is an issue impacting social connection. Older people are concerned and fearful as to whether they will be able to use their computer, tablet, or mobile phone due to their own personal ICT abilities. Sometimes people feel overwhelmed and get frustrated when they cannot get their devices to work. They don’t trust themselves to overcome an ICT challenge presented to them. This fear is focused on whether the digital device will really do what they want it to do and includes being in control of the functional aspects of different products.

For Amon, these perceptions of risk manifest in the following ways:

Example 1
Amon 1.png
“I fear wasting my time using my ICT device(s).”

Example 1

This risk manifests as a feeling that learning a task might be too time-consuming and not worth the person’s time, leading the person to not engage with it. For example, Amon thinks he does not need technology and prefers to use his time in activities he already knows.

Example 2
Amon 2_edited.png
“I fear I won’t know how to operate my device and forget the instructions before I can use it.”

Example 2

Operational risks may also be exhibited as a fear of not knowing how to operate a device and forgetting the instructions or doing something wrong to it. For example, Amon would like to know how to communicate with his grandchildren online, but he finds that learning it is too complicated, and technology might have changed by the time he does so.


Can you relate to those example above?  Go to strategies to learn about how Amon can address these issues.

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