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Outer suburbs

of metropolitan city



Close to children and grandchildren,

but they do not live nearby

About Amon

Amon came to Australia 50 years ago. Living by himself, he still has his children and grandchildren in his life.


Together with other migrants from his country, Amon came to Australia in his early 20s and went straight into employment as a manual labourer. Working together with other migrants for most of his adult life, he did have time to improve his English skills. As a result, Amon relies strongly on his ethnic community and tries his best to ‘catch up’ and integrate with the broader society. He gets by speaking English in public settings but prefers to watch the global news in his own language.

persona page image-Amon
persona page image-Amon
persona page image-Amon

Digital Literacy


Perceived risk of technology



Potential risks that Amon is facing:

fears focused with online payments, losing privacy, identity theft and automatic payments.
will this digital device work the way I want it to – it includes forgetting instructions and managing passwords.
fear of buying too much online and the costs with upgrading software and devices.
oncerns that digital devices encourage physical inactivity and becoming addicted to the devices as well as the strains on eyesight.
concerns about feeling incompetent, getting frustrated and being overwhelmed with digital technology.
worries about online transactions, not receiving the purchased goods and processing errors.
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