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Perceived Privacy Risk

Privacy risks encompass fears around perceptions of privacy, security, and identity-theft. It is exhibited through a lack of confidence in the online environment and a reluctance to share anything private through digital means. This risk includes concerns about data security, scams and the fear of being tracked online as well as accidently signing up to subscriptions and automatic monthly payments that can be confusing.

For Amon these perceptions of risk manifest in the following ways:

Example 1
“I fear losing my privacy.”
Amon 2.png

Example 1

It can include the feeling that your privacy could be breached at any point or that you are fearful you could become a victim of a scam or have your identity stolen. For instance, Amon tried setting up an Instagram account once to connect with his grandchildren. However, he did not complete the registration process because he was uncomfortable with providing the personal information the site asked for.

Example 2
“I feel there is a high level of risk doing transactions online (e.g., banking, shopping), and I’m worried that people might be able to access my account or credit card information.”
Amon 1_edited.png

Example 2

It can be manifested as a fear of not feeling safe doing online transactions due to the concern of a privacy breach. For instance, Amon does not shop online because he fears being scammed if he provides his personal details and credit card number online.

Can you relate to those example above?  Go to strategies to learn about how Amon can address these issues.

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