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Strategies for
improving digital knowledge


Seniors have developed personas on this page to represent common concerns and features found in the community. Like all of us, these personas have different perceptions of risk associated with digital technology use.


Perceived risks are beliefs about potential harm or the possibility of a loss from using digital technology. It is a subjective judgment that people make about the severity of a risk.


Click on the persona that you identify with the most to explore how they relate to the six different categories of risk we have identified in out research.

For each risk categories, you can then discover a set of strategies the persona may use to reduce their perception of risk and improve digital technology knowledge on their terms.

Persona 1
Dawn — 68 years old

persona page image-03.png

As a frequent flyer who solo travels globally, Dawn enjoys both the excitement of going to new places and using technology to support her travels. She’s taken up photography classes to improve how she captures her journeys.


She is an active online shopper, however she does worry about spending too much online, as overspending is easier online.

Persona 2
Joshua — 84 years old

persona page image-01.png

Having long retired, Joshua still maintains a busy lifestyle supporting his local clubs. Part of a diminishing group that play cards on Sundays, he drives his classic MG everywhere. With a friend recently exploring family history, Joshua is also learning about his.


He works on his car most days, supported by a local community across nearby towns, preferring mechanical over electronic systems in his everyday.

Persona 3
Margarete — 75 years old

persona page image-04.png

Margarete moved regionally with her partner after retirement to spend time with her son and his child. She has enjoyed making new friends and manages accounts for some locals which keeps her busy.


While not a digital enthusiast, she has come to rely on online sites to get books for her Zoom book club.

Persona 4
Timothy — 65 years old

persona page image-02.png

Timothy is preparing to move to a smaller role in the Tech-Repair shop he has run for the last 30 years. He wants to spend more time with his grandchildren, as well as take on fun digital hobbies, such as coding which he hasn’t been able to do.


When not in the shop, he enjoys supporting other older technology enthusiasts with DIY projects.

Persona 5
Amon — 70 years old

persona page image-Amon.png

Amon came to Australia 50 years ago. Living by himself, he still has his children and grandchildren in his life.


Together with other migrants from his country, Amon came to Australia in his early 20s and went straight into employment as a manual labourer. Working together with other migrants for most of his adult life, he did have time to improve his English skills. As a result, Amon relies strongly on his ethnic community and tries his best to ‘catch up’ and integrate with the broader society. He gets by speaking English in public settings but prefers to watch the global news in his own language.

Persona 6
Rosa — 60 years old

persona page image-Rosa.png

Rosa and her husband have recently immigrated to be with her son and grandchildren. She is looking to set down roots in the town they have settled in.


Spending most of the week looking after her grandchildren, Rosa also attends the local religious group weekly. Rosa tries to be active in community life, while her husband prefers to stay at home. They come from a farming background and prefer the quiet lifestyle around the town. Their son lives a busy life, commuting into the city or working on his laptop on the weekend.


Other tools

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Self-assess your digital literacy level.

What are your sources of ICT knowledge?

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